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Writing Down The Pain's Journal

Friday, August 29, 2008

5:57PM - Random Poem

okay so I have to write this poem thing for school, and I had words that I needed to incorporate into it. Tell me what you think!

Screams echo
Off walls of stone
Tears like glass shatter
On grounds of ice
Labored breaths
Pulled in and out
Bruises form
Over broken ribs

Curses fly
Like bats, afraid
Porcelain skin
Marked by your fingerprints

My eyes close
Finding a happy place
Thoughts dance
‘Beautiful Paris’
‘Warm toasted marshmallows’
‘My old frisky kitty’

Stabbing pain
Like a pitchfork
Snapping me back
Blackness surrounds
Blood drips
From four puncture wounds

“You’re really trying my patience
Responses race through my mind
‘If I was trying anything…
The jury would say to you,
The one word I need

As it echoes
I see your empire, your world
I watch as your figure
Becomes but a blur in my memory
Before you fade completely
A copper flavor invades my mouth

My eyes fly open
Terror seizes me
The peak of your anger in sight
I sit far from this deranged beast
Once a man I knew
Now only a stone heart
Filled with rage and hate

Hot tears attempt to fall
Holding them back
A sniffle escapes me
My breath catches
As I glance at your mouth
Sharp fangs glisten

Knowing what is to come
I brace myself
As you place your lips against my neck
I whisper ‘I love you’

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

11:23PM - Members Only

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You know the deal. Go read the rules. . . then join. . .'Kay? Good.

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7:43PM - Questions

If you EVER have any questions. . . post them. . .


Thank you. . . That is all. . .

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